Privacy Policy

I respect and protect your privacy and information. Below are details of my commitment to your privacy.

My Information

My website address is: and I provide audio voice over.

What Personal data I collect?

I only keep the basic information we need for the project we are working on together. These are the details that you as a client or supplier have given to me. This will usually be your full name, email address, landline or phone number.

How I use your Information

Your details will be used to respond to you in connection with the project we are working on together, to send you an invoice, or follow up on any administration. Occasionally I may write to you on the basis of legitimate interest.
For it may:
Be useful for a regular client to have advance knowledge of my holiday dates, or to receive updated showreels, or they may be interested to know of any accolades.
You can ask me to stop contacting you in this way, and I must do so, unless I have a legitimate overriding reason to carry on.

How I protect your information

No information will be shared with or sold to anyone else for any purpose.

How long information is kept
I will keep your details on file for at least 5 years and store it in a password protected computer, because if you have lost your copy you may ask me to retrieve it, and also you may want to re-license it, amend, or redistribute in the future. However, all audio cannot be guaranteed kept due to storage requirements.


I hope you found this Privacy Notice helpful and reassuring.
If you have any comments, concerns, suggestions kindly contact me.